That That’s new Album

That That’s new Album

Take That have announced their long awaited brand new album entitled “III”. Announced just after Jason Orange’s shock departure, the band are back for a brand new album and also a summer tour next year.

So what does this mean for our Take That tribute band ‘Rule The World’?

“It’s good. Very good” Matt Hall who plays Mark Owen tells us.

“We love it when the band release new material. We love getting to add some new stuff into the show. It’s great.”

Gabriel Keogh who plays Howard Donald said, “I think next years tour will be their biggest and best yet.”


“They always seem to manage to better the last one and this time they’ve had their longest break since releasing the previous album so I’m sure they will have something special for the fans”.

And have the tribute band been listening to the new single ‘These Days’?

“Oh yes!” Dan Maines who plays Gary Barlow said. “We’re really excited about this one. It’s going to be a hit!”

“We’ve actually already learnt the new song! We’ve rehearsed and choreographed ‘These Days’ so it would be nice to put that song into the set – even before Take That themselves have performed it live!”

But what do the band feel about Take That going from being a 5-piece band to a 4-piece band and then back to 5 and now to 3?

“It’s mad isn’t it? It certainly forces us to make a lot of decisions,” Matt told us. “My main hope is that I just don’t want people to start to loose track with Take That. I don’t want them to feel it’s all got a bit “silly” and therefore loose the interest. From what I’ve heard and read so far, this new album could musically be one of their strongest albums for a while. I just hope that speaks louder than the ever changing line-up.”

Take That tribute band 5 piece

‘We still don’t know what we’re doing as a tribute band either”. Gabriel added “It’s difficult to decide whether becoming a 3 piece would be the right move for us. But I guess that’s part of what makes being in a tribute to a current band so interesting. It’s ever changing”.

Dan told us “As a tribute band, we’ve always tried to keep up to date with what the real band are doing and stay true to that. When they came back in 2006 we were a 4 piece. When Robbie did the last record we started working with Tony. So who knows what the future holds?”

“It looks like all the other Take That tribute bands out there seem to be sticking with their current 4 or 5 piece formats. I guess we do like to try and be different to the others. We like to try and better them. So let’s see what get’s decided!”

“Ultimately we’re a band. And it will be a group decision how we proceed into 2015. “