Take That Tribute Band Meet The Real TAKE THAT – Part 1

Take That Tribute Band Meet The Real TAKE THAT – Part 1

Hello friends of our Take That tribute band ‘Rule The World’. It’s Matt here who plays Mark Owen in the band and I wanted to write a short blog telling you all about our experience of what really was the ‘Greatest Day’ of our life! We met Take That!! Arghhh!

It’s been one of the most incredible moments in our tribute bands history and it’s one we’ll certainly ‘Never Forget’. (Sorry I’ll stop with all the cheesy lines). We’ve been doing this job for almost 7 years now and have always been careful to have such great attention to detail to the real Take That. We pride ourselves on being the best and take such care in being as accurate as we can with the mannerisms, the voices, the costumes – everything!

We’ve been incredibly lucky to have some AMAZING jobs throughout our time. We’re so so grateful for it all! We’ve performed on the outstanding Royal Caribbean cruise ships as a headline act on the ships beautiful theatre with an eleven piece band backing us. We’ve had a fantastic contract with Butlins holidays parks for the last year performing alongside some amazing acts such as S Club, East 17, Damage, Garath Gates and Bobby Davro. We’ve headlined some amazing festivals around the world including festivals in Spain and Germany! Performed in some brilliant theatre’s around the UK including Manchester Palace, Edinburgh Playhouse, Leeds Grand, York Opera House to name just a few out of the 100’s we did! And of course we were very lucky enough to be asked to perform for Coldplay and their management team and friends that included Melanie C and Edith Bowman at a private party.

But getting the call last Thursday caused the biggest excitement to date – the opportunity to come face to face with the real Take That! WOW!

It was really really bizarre. This isn’t actually the thing I dream about every day (honest!!) but the night before I got the phone call from the Graham Norton Shows producer I had a dream. I’m not even making this up. It was that I met Mark Owen – seriously! Premonition?

The producer told me that they had looked on our website and liked the look of us and would be really interested in featuring us on The Graham Norton Show to ask us about being in a tribute to Take That and talk about the effect’s of Jason leaving the real band etc.

We then had various calls backwards and forwards as at the time it was just a proposed idea and may not get the green light. We were all so excited at the prospect and were thrilled to be given such an amazing opportunity.

Finally after various phone calls – we got the go ahead! We were to be travelling to London to film the Graham Norton show and meet Take That!

It was suddenly all happening so fast and me and the other boys decided that we needed to quickly find some time to go out and get some new clobber for this special event.

Check us out posing in the changing rooms! Cringe!

Take That tribute band meet TAKE THAT on BBC1!

We ran around the shops in a mad dash among the frantic Christmas shoppers and tried to find outfits that would show our individual parts but also keep a general style throughout so we still looked like ‘a band’ – it’s not as easy as it looks! We’re 4 guys who don’t actually get out that much!

Take That tribute band meet TAKE THAT!

Eventually we settled on the look. Gabriel (our Howard) went for a quick hair trim to sport Howard’s most up to date look and that was it. We were on the train to London!

I don’t think any of us could quite believe what was happening. But at the same time we didn’t want to get too excited in case it didn’t come off – we were aware of how things can quickly change in television. We were also made aware that even though we would be filming the show, our footage might not make the final edit and therefore we may not even be featured on the show!

As we arrived at the London studio’s we were greeted by the production team and taken through to our dressing room, next to our dressing room was the make-up room and I couldn’t help but notice Nicole Kidman and a group of dancers in there getting made up. At the other side of our dressing room we could hear Graham Norton rehearsing with his team. It was all very surreal.

Check out this pic of our “Jason” and “Gary”!

Jason and Gary

We then got changed and made our way into the canteen where we were briefed on the show and then could chill out before the show started. Take That were in the studio sound checking and soon after we caught a glimpse of Mark Owen as he walked right by us with his team. We didn’t want to make a fuss so just acted natural and pretended we didn’t see him! We thought we had best be professional but of course we just wanted to run over and have a chat!

Gary and Mark BBC1

Soon it was building up to the start of the show. We all started to feel a little nervous. What if it didn’t go well? What if none of us knew what to say? What if we come across as being really stupid?

Dan was particularly nervous as he had a pretty bad cold at the time and was really worried how he would sound! I really felt for him! Before we knew it, the producers came over and told us they were ready to take us to our seats and begin the show! This was it! It was about to happen…

Be sure to watch ‘The Graham Norton Show’ TONIGHT on BBC1 at 10:35pm to see how the interview went with Take That and if we have even made the final edit! Then check back on here to read part 2 of the blog and I’ll tell you all about what happened!