Gary Barlow follows Take That tribute band on Twitter!

Gary Barlow follows Take That tribute band on Twitter!

After tweeting our Take That tribute band ‘Rule The World’ last year, saying he thought we were “Brilliant”, he has now gone one step further and actually followed the groups Twitter account.

The head songwriter and lead singer of Take That is an activate user on Twitter and is known to respond to tweets he receives.

Last year our Take That tribute band sent Gary Barlow a video of the show and asked him if he thought they are a good Take That tribute band? He responded in simply one word – “Brilliant”.

The guys were overjoyed. To get the recognition from the man they are paying tribute to every week is a big deal.

However, this weekend a member of the audience from a recent ‘Rule The World’ show at Butlins tweeted both Gary and the tribute band saying “@GaryBarlow just watched @RuleTheWorldAct TT tribute at Butlins Bognor, brilliant nearly as good as real thing!!”. Gary Barlow saw this and then re-tweeted this on his personal account.

The boys were shocked and sent him a cheeky little request – “Thanks for the retweet captain @GaryBarlow! Now any chance of a follow? ;-)”

It appeared all they had to do was ask!

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