Dan Maines (Gary Barlow Tribute Act) New Album Cover!

Dan Maines (Gary Barlow Tribute Act) New Album Cover!

Today our very own Gary Barlow Tribute Act Dan Maines revealed the cover to his brand new album entitled ‘Angels Will Cry’.

Angels Will Cry 2 (1000x1000)


The album is his 3rd studio album that features all his own original material. Dan also recoreded all his own musical accompaniment for the album too! On the record, Dan ditches the sounds of Gary and Take That completely and shows us some of his personal tastes in music aside from his alter ego’s.

‘Angels Will Cry’ will be released on iTunes on 25th November to coincide with the date the real Gary Barlow is also releasing his 3rd solo album!

“It’s a little nod of the head to the real captain!” Dan told us. “I think it’s funny how my real life tends to imitate Gary’s anyway so I may as well keep up the act!”

“Another way in which we are quite similair is that I recently read Gary couldn’t care less if people like his album or not – and that’s exactly how I’m feeling right now!

Dan, 30 told us “When I wrote the first two albums I think secretly I was hoping they could get somewhere. That people would notice me for being me and not just for being in a Take That tribute band. Of course that wasn’t the reality. They sold very few copies and it was back to being a Take That tribute band – which I do love. I just felt dissapointed I couldn’t achieve something as Dan ”

Rule The World the circus

“However, being in a Take That tribute band every week getting amazing applause as somebody else gave me itchy feet to make more of my own music. I love singing the Take that music when we perform our tribute show and this made me want to write again. I wanted to challenge myself and see if I can make music that’s just as good! I just love the process of making a record.”

“This 3rd album has been made with a very different intention – it’s for me! I don’t care if it doesn’t sell a single copy! If people do buy it then that’s brilliant! But that would be just an added bonus for me! I have literally got everything out of this album that I needed – the freedom to be artistic and make music! It has given me that! I’m happy!”

“So similar to the real Gary, I really couldn’t care less if my album sells no copies” The Take That tribute star laughed. “I really don’t anymore though. I’m in a different place. I love playing Gary in a Take That tribute band and that gives me all the accolade I need. Being a pretend Popstar is pretty amazing for a job! Writing an album just give’s me something different!”


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